At TORNERO Logistics We have the correct resources to manage and plan your demands in logistics.

Our objective is the satisfaction of our clients, our commitment, transport their goods to the right place, in the precise time and in the desired conditions, maintaining a balance between the service, the cost, and the quality.

air freight

We provide international air freight forwarding services. We offer custom tailored air freight logistics solutions for a wide variety of cargo.

ocean freight

We provide international freight forwarding services offering custom tailored sea freight logistics solutions for a wide variety of cargo.


We provide intermodal freight transport services moving the cargo through a combination of means, the transfer between the transport methods is given without the need for opening minimizing the handling of the cargo.



We provide Over The Road freight transport services. We offer custom tailored freight solutions including Full Truck Load, Less Than a Truck Load, reefer, flatbed, etc.


premium services

customs brokerage

From the tariff classification to preparing the documentation properly for customs clearance, we guarantee compliance with customs and commercial regulations, thus reducing the obstacles to keep your cargo moving to its destination.

customer and supplier DEVELOPMENT

We represent your company or entity commercially against potential buyers or sellers of your goods or services assuming formally and legally the responsibility to act on your behalf. We have extensive knowledge of what a company requires for its international expansion.


We can perform many functions for our clients at a lower cost than they could if they had to use their own facilities and employees to perform the same tasks. Working with a 3PL with national storage network can bring you closer to your customers without the need for a large investment in infrastructure.