1. What are my different payment options?

Credit card, wire transfer, ACH, Quick Zelle, Apply for credit, Factoring thru your company, Check, Cash on pick up, PayPal

2. What kind of guarantee do I have with Tornero Logistics?

Your shipment is always insured, every carrier is certified and verified, timely delivery and no hidden fees.

3. How does the process work?

Prepare to ship items, determine if your shipment is an LTL or FTL, log into website, fill out the shipping form, and we will take care of the rest, as easy as that.

4. Is my personal information shared?

We do not share or sale your contact information, personal information is always secured.

5. After I book my shipment, how long should I wait for you to pick it up?

After you provide the date your shipment needs to be picked up, we will send the carrier to cover your shipment within the time frame provided.

6. When should I expect to receive my shipment?

An agreement is created with the carrier to ensure your shipment is delivered within the time requested.

7. What if I have a question or need to contact support?

Fill the form in tornerologistics.com/contact-us or Call to free 800-351-9575 or support@tornerologistics.com

8. How can I submit a claim?

Fill the form in tornerologistics.com/contact-us or Call 800-351-9575 or claim@tornerologistics.com

9. How do I cancel a shipment?

A shipment can only be cancelled if you have not signed the carrier and load confirmation sheet. If a shipment is cancelled afterwards, carrier and booking fees may incur. For more information check our user terms and policy, call us at 800-351-9575 or write to us at support@tornerologistics.com .

10. How can I determine if my shipment is LTL or FTL?

FTL (full truck load) as describe will be using the whole cargo area of the truck whether it’s a flatbed, dry van, refeer, step deck etc. An LTL (less than a truck load) will only be using a partial are of the truck, for example; one pallet, three boxes, one mowing machine, small tractor etc. If you need assistance determining what type of load you have, call us at 800-351-9575 or write to us at support@tornerologistics.com .