1. Tornero Logistics is a registered and bonded property broker with US Department of Transportation.

2. Tornero Logistics will provide Customer with an estimated pickup and delivery dates. However, delays may occur due to weather, road conditions, mechanical problems, etc. Tornero Logistics is not responsible for any losses occasioned by any kind of delays.

3. Customer agrees that Tornero Logistics may provide Your contact information to the Carrier for further correspondents and scheduling of picking up the heavy equipment.

4. Customers will be notified via email and or by phone as soon as a Carrier has been assigned to pick up shipment order. Broker booking fee is required via PayPal/Credit Card (5% transaction fee added) ,ACH or Bank Account Deposit before pick up unless a previous agreement had been made. Balance can be paid via any certified funds upon delivery. All Checks MUST be received and cleared before delivery.

5. Carrier will legally pick up and deliver shipments in the and safest way possible.

6. Customer must prepare heavy equipment for transportation. Equipment must be in good condition unless prior notice has been provided , any false information submitted or changes done concerning the shipment, including but not limited to, weight, dimensions, locations, condition, unmentioned extensions, can and will be subjected to extra fees set by the carrier.

7. Our quotes are based on the information provided by you (the client), to ensure a smooth and fast shipment. All quoted rates apply to the discussed descriptions (weight, dimensions, locations) of the loads when 100% accurate. Any changes in any description will definitely affect the quoted price.

8. All payments must be received no later than delivery date of the equipment.

9. Customers or their representatives shall be present at the place of pick up and/or delivery and unload with in a reasonable time frame (2 hours) extra carrier fees may apply if carrier has to wait for extended period of time.

10. Tornero Logistics is not responsible for any storage fees at pickup or delivery locations. If Customer is unable to accept delivery for any reason, the equipment will be placed in storage. Customer agrees to pay all storage fees prior to pick up of the equipment.

11. Customer and Carrier will carefully inspect the equipment for pre-existing damages at the time of pick up. Damages must be noted in the proper place on the BOL. Customer will sign and receive a copy of the BOL.

12. Customer and Carrier will carefully inspect the equipment for transportation damages at the time of delivery. Customer will sign and receive a final copy of the BOL after inspection, which will release any liability of responsibility from the carrier and Tornero Logistics.

13. If Customer’s equipment is not picked up within 7 business days from the first available date, without unforeseen changes and/or breach of contract. Customer can opt out of this agreement with no penalties.

14. If Customer cancels the order after a truck was assigned, cancelation fee of up to $250 will apply.

15. If Customer paid a deposit and canceled the order after a truck was assigned the deposit paid may and will not be refunded.

16. Failure to release equipment for any reason after Carrier has reached the pickup location may result in cancellation and/or a 'Free Run' fee additional to the deposit amount. The fee for 'Free-Run' are upwards of $500.00.

17. Refusal or Cancellation must be submitted by the client in writing to our email. Tornero Logistics does not accept or honor cancellations made via phone call.

18. Refunds will be processed within 48 business hours of the cancellation request only if applicable.

19. Client's request for payment terms change after the carrier was assigned might result in additional bank surcharge of 5%.

20. The Customer agrees that Tornero Logistics hold the right to reject or cancel any order for any reason at any time.

21. Signing the shipper-broker agreement you acknowledge that your shipment can and will only be dealt with our company and not offered to other carriers, brokers, etc.

22. By signing the shipper-broker agreement you are acknowledging and agreeing to all terms and conditions.